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Pablo Aguirreche

Giving visibility to emotional health and non-drug therapies

“ Hi, I’m Pablo Landa-Aguirreche. I’m a psychologist, neuropsychologist and speech therapist. I live in Switzerland and have worked in psychological and neuropsychological rehab clinics and hospitals mostly in Switzerland and France. I mainly practice integrative psychotherapy with a focus on systemic, strategic, cognitive and evolutionary orientation ”

Online therapy

Pablo's work is solution-focused and is based on informed consent and freedom of choice for each person.

Rehabilitation therapy

Pablo practices this therapy on-site exclusively, with persons who have neurological impairment.


Pablo graduated as a clinical psychologist, specialized in neuropsychology at the University of Savoie. He also has a degree in speech therapy from the Pontifical University of Salamanca and a Masters in neurosciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

For the last three years, Pablo has gained experience in integrative and strategic systemic psychotherapy (supervised by the Palo Alto school in California) and in therapy focused on neurofunctional reorganization (Padovan Method), that includes cognitive, motorial, and lingual aspects.


Pablo is a member of associations that promote social change in terms of equality, respect and normalization of sexual and gender diversity. He believes it is important to pay attention to these values for healing the emotional health of people around the world. On his Instagram account @pablo.therapy, Pablo creates helpful content about his passion for psychological therapy.


“ I was born in the Basque Country but  have studied in different universities and schools in Europe. I like to travel through work, as I can experience different societies and cultures. As a psychologist, practicing therapy in different languages, with people from different cultures and societies, allows me to better access the essence of individuals. In recent years, I have worked as a therapist in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

I am passionate about helping people through psychological therapy centered on communication and movement. These are two natural capacities with great potential that generate healthy, deep and lasting changes in people.

My interest in psychology has been built on my personal experience, growing up among three different cultures and languages, meeting people with different horizons and tracing my path through complex interpersonal relationships. This background, along with my studies and my professional experience, allows me to understand the fundamentals and shades of the human being and grow a little everyday. ”

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesistate to send me an e-mail, so that we can brainstorm about it.

Do you want to know more? Make sure you follow me on my socials, where I create valuable content about psychological therapy. ”

Pablo online therapy

Online therapy

An important value is that every single person has freedom of choice. Honesty, empathy and humor are the key values that ensurethat Pablo creates sustainable relationships, in which problems are solved in a safe environment.

Whether your concerns are regarding anxiety, identity, relationships or trauma, Pablo is there for you. His aim is to help you to make decisions in accordance with your personal values, to live for your own purpose, to help you to feel good about your life and to feel the sustainable change on a cognitive, communicative, and emotional level. After each session with Pablo you’ll feel confident, determined and positive. 

Pablo’s aim is to help people  make decisions in accordance to their values and purposes, to help each person feel good about themselves and others, to feel the change on a communicative, emotional and cognitive level, and to orient ourselves in life with determination, prosperity and confidence.

Rehabilitation therapy

Neurological rehabilitation (rehab) is a doctor-supervised method designed for individuals with diseases, injury, or disorders of the nervous system. Neurological rehab can often improve the well-being of the client and reduce symptoms, which leads to a higher quality of life.

Pablo practices this therapy exclusively on site, with clients who experience neurological impairment. Feel free to contact him for more information!

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